Philippine Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2012: Premiere Collection

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The Premiere Collection.


Who is he? According to my mom, he was a former model now turned designer. Explains why he’s good looking.

I enjoyed watching his segment for the Premiere Collection. It was modern and current. I would totally wear a lot of the pieces of his collection. I think his goal was to really show Filipino style and I think he got it because for me, the pieces show what you would see on today’s youth.

I would wear this outfit! I love it.


I’ve never heard of this designer before I’ve seen the show. His collection was interesting. I really liked the men’s wear pieces, like this one:


Of course Russel from Project Runway Philippines (Season two), his collection was a delight to watch. I loved how he used different prints with different types of fabric.


I don’t have a photo of the designer for this one, boo :( However OH MY GOD. His show was spectacular, from the clothes, theĀ ambianceĀ and especially the music! It was well thought out.

Troy Montero was one of the models, so was his wife Aubrey:

They’re both so wonderful in the face, speaking of wonderful in the face…

Ivan Dorschner modeled for Ulysses King too, and is it just me or was he looking directly at our camera lens? Here’s to hoping he didn’t see me totally jamming out to “Pumped Up Kids” because that would be really embarrassing. Here’s Ivan once again:

Isn’t he just so cute? HAHA.


I LOVE THIS MAN. I cannot stop raving about his collection. It was sexy and sophisticated. I want to buy the whole collection.

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